James Shee

Norman Hackerman-Welch Investigator 

Assistant Professor of Chemistry


Personal Bio

James was born in Portland, OR and grew up in El Dorado Hills, CA.  After high school, James deferred his college admission for three years to dance with the San Francisco Ballet and the National Ballet of Canada.  At Princeton, while discovering the joys of spring magnolias, Beethoven, opera, and investing, he resolved to dive into quantum theory after a glimpse of its philosophical and chemical implications.  As a graduate student at Columbia, James could be found in Havemeyer writing a quantum Monte Carlo code, dancing on NYC stages with various professional groups, at Yankee stadium, biking or playing volleyball in Riverside Park.  At Berkeley, outside of lab James enjoyed playing tennis, spending time with family, and chasing sunsets.

Selected Honors and Awards

Invited and Contributed Talks


Martin Head-Gordon, Graham Fleming, K. Birgitta Whaley, Dean Toste (UC Berkeley)

Richard Friesner, David Reichman (Columbia)

Mario Motta (IBM)

Andreas Hansen (Bonn)

Shiwei Zhang (Flatiron Institute) 

Tom and Ana Moore (Arizona State)

Mikhail Lukin (Harvard)

Hung Vuong (Columbia), Jack Weber (Schrodinger Inc.), Nishad Maskara (Harvard), Hagen Neugebauer (Bonn), Diptarka Hait (Stanford), Justin Talbot, Alistair Sterling, Leonardo dos Anjos Cunha, Tim Schramm (UC Berkeley)